Nice! Time to let us do the rest

So, what happens next?

We have received your application succesfully. Our consultant will review the applications of all the specialists in the coming days. The next steps will be one of the following:

01 // Introduction to the client

If we believe you are a good fit for this job, the consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the job further. If you are still interested, the consultant will introduce a shortlist of the best specialists to our client.

Our consultant will keep you informed about the clients' feedback.

02 // Into the database

In any event we will keep your details on file and keep our eyes open for a future opportunity that matches your profile; you're in the picture and we have your interests in focus.

03 // Suitable for the job

In case the client believes there is a match between you and the job, an interview will be planned. If the interview goes well, we will inform you and take the next steps in organizing your start on the job!

04 // Not entirely suitable

If the client decides for another specialist based on your profile or after an interview, we will inform you and continue looking for future opportunities that matches your profile.

// Clients

The kind of projects you can expect

Market leaders in technology sectors are fundamental to the ambitions of society and the projects needed to fulfil them. Progress hinges on the availability of experienced technical specialists, and that's where we come in.