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The gas from Groningen heated many houses in the Netherlands. To be able to turn back the gas extraction, gas is imported from, for example, Norway and Russia. But this high calorific gas is not suitable for central heating installations and cooking equipment in the Netherlands. For this it has to be mixed with nitrogen, from this new nitrogen plant in Zuidbroek.

The new Gasunie plant must be ready in 2022. A challenging order, in which many different disciplines come together. Ballast Nedam Industrie is responsible for the Civil Engineering, Project Management and Measurement & Control Engineering. STAR provided the specialists for this.

The nitrogen plant must be completed in a relatively short period of time, because it is the only way for the Netherlands to make do with less ‘Groningen gas’. The construction itself requires quite a bit of preparation. Licences and spatial planning take time. Ballast Nedam Industrie therefore has a strong need for flexibility: quickly deploying the best available specialists is of great value in this project.

STAR specialists now contribute to the entire process from planning to delivery of the nitrogen plant. The project leader, planners, work preparers, administrative staff, document controllers, QA/QC inspectors, safety supervisors, E&I technicians, supervisors and more specialists work on behalf of STAR in this project.

STAR also supports the Project Completion Management through ECC.


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