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At STAR, we understand the need among clients and specialists for progress and self-development. Development looks different for everyone. Work on the energy transition, build your career.
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STAR operates in the sectors where society’s struggle with sustainability is being won. The energy transition is in full swing, wind farms are under construction, hydrogen infrastructure is expanding and traditional industries are becoming cleaner.

We have a seat at the table with the leading companies who work on the most prestigious projects. Even when it’s still a mere idea, we share our staffing expertise and contribute to the project’s ultimate objective. And success. For success depends in no small part on the people who provide the means.

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Always one step ahead

Full speed ahead · Full speed ahead ·

STAR’s strength lies in bringing together client, project and specialist.

Our personal involvement means that we know what’s going on. We work for market leaders in all the technology sectors and maintain warm relationships with more than 45,000 professionals. We understand their skill sets, what they seek from a next challenge – and we promote both.

STAR is uniquely placed to command a broad overview; to look inside from without and identify not just demands, but needs: the next assignment for a specialist; the best specialist for an assignment.

Winning solutions calls for STAR players.

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Driven and Involved

Since our inception in 2001, STAR has brought together the best specialists, most challenging projects and interesting clients. We’ve made quite a name for ourselves in the petrochemical industry and energy sector, and we branched out into life sciences, offshore and infrastructure in the meantime. Wherever there are technological challenges, STAR is involved, helping clients find the people to bring projects to fruition and success.

We are market leaders in the Netherlands and Belgium, and have been forging a presence in Germany since 2016. Based at our head offices in Moerdijk (NL) and a further 8 offices, our consultants are close to the action as Europe’s major projects unfold and progress. We maintain excellent relationships with more than 45,000 specialists and thanks to our discipline-oriented approach, 90% of requests are fulfilled with feet on the ground within 48 hours.

It’s an approach that’s typical of STAR: close personal involvement to deliver real added value. With STAR, you are always guaranteed full speed ahead.

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Part of The Specialist Group

STAR is part of The Specialist Group. With a range of labels, we help businesses and industries move towards a sustainable future. By deploying technical engineering specialists on a project basis, The Specialist Group serves 350+ clients in the power, chemicals, infrastructure, renewables, and life sciences industries. We’re proud to say that most of our specialists are involved in Europe’s energy transition. And together, we’re in it for the long haul.

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Guarding good governance

The Specialist Group is committed to generating long-term value for our clients, investors, and team. We are pleased to share our inaugural report on corporate social responsibility. This report is the result of our company’s efforts to integrate best practices in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to create a resilient and sustainable organization.

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