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STAR's offshore job's

Offshore wind jobs

STAR is involved in many sea-based projects and there is great demand for a variety of disciplines to work on wind farms and other offshore projects. Are you interested in a job above the waves?

If so, then use the filters to find offshore and offshore wind jobs that are suitable to your skills, such as our engineering jobs or HSE jobs.

If you can’t find a suitable offshore (wind) job in our database right now, send us your CV and we will automatically let you know as soon as the right job for you becomes available.

STAR offers a vast range of offshore and offshore wind jobs

Society’s ambitions with regard to sustainability have resulted in an explosion of wind-turbine jobs within STAR, with plans in place to build extra wind-park capacity of 1,000 MW every year for the next decade. For this reason, you can find a vast range of offshore wind farm jobs in our database.

Wind farms are built dozens of miles off the coast, so they’re not always visible. However, far from the eyes of the general public, a great deal of work is being conducted at sea. STAR’s market-leading clients in the offshore sector are always looking for experienced specialists capable of working in these challenging environments.

There is therefore plenty of work for specialists and ample opportunities for professional growth. Whether you are a novice, an established professional or a highly experienced specialist seeking a job in the offshore sector, STAR can help you take the next step in your career.

What do offshore jobs involve?

To achieve its ambitions with regard to the energy transition, society must focus on generating energy from renewable sources. The North Sea is a vital source of sustainable energy for the Netherlands: we are already generating over 1,000 MW per year via offshore wind farms and we will quadruple this total in the years to come.

STAR’s offshore wind jobs allow you to do your bit for the energy transition and once your current project is finished, you can get started on the next one straight away! Whenever you are working on a project-based job in the offshore wind sector, then your personal consultant will already be searching high and low for your next job.