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Are you looking to grow professionally in an international context? STAR not only offers a wide array of relocation jobs in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands but also is your stepping stone to a smooth start abroad. If you are excited to be part of leading projects regarding the energy transition, here’s your chance! Through STAR, you can contribute to realising profound sustainability solutions with clients such as:

Carefree relocation

Have you always wanted to live like a Belgian in Antwerp, among the Dutch in Rotterdam, or amid Germans in Frankfurt? STAR is your gateway to finding job opportunities and experiencing another culture from up close, making new friends and building priceless memories. Hassle-free relocation? Yes, STAR will relieve you of residence permit applications, assist you with the housing, certificates and other paperwork. All you need to do is pack your bags and catch that train or flight.


Your expertise is highly needed – and valued – as will be reflected by your salary. You’ll find that STAR and your employer will go to great lengths to make your move happy and successful. You might even qualify for local, attractive tax rates.

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David found a new tech job abroad via STAR Specialists

Stephan, 31, from South Africa
Started working as a Process Operator at Dow Dupont Dordrecht in September ‘22

“I can highly recommend going through STAR. You need someone to mediate for you, and STAR made the whole process easy. Without their help, it would have been a daunting undertaking.”

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Ozgur found a new tech job abroad via STAR Specialists

Ozgur, 41, from Turkey
Started working as a Process Engineer at Worley in November 2022

“Overall, STAR did great for me. They showed that they are one of the best in their business. If you want a smooth transition to a dynamic Dutch chemical industry, and if you trust your own soft and hard skills, do not hesitate to contact them for a suitable position.”

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There’s no place like home and the support of your family. Depending on the type of move, STAR will take care of your family’s needs when relocating abroad. We’re happy to arrange permits and other paperwork for your partner and children as well. In short, we’ll help you ease into your new life.


David from Spain
Started working as a Piping Engineer at Dow Terneuzen in May 2022.

“STAR arranged for me to do the same job for the same company but in another country. Now I can grow professionally and am treated like staff. We all work together, eat together.” 

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Who is STAR?

STAR fulfills a key role in the energy transition as the number 1 provider of technical personnel in Europe. At STAR, we know what’s happening where and when, allowing us to jump at job opportunities that advance your career. As part of The Specialist Group, STAR is your partner in career and personal development.

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We’d love to hear about your dreams and discuss what STAR can do for you. Call us at +32 3206 8150 or drop us a line. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Have a look at current openings first? Here are today’s vacancies through STAR:

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