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Various wind farms will be realised in the North Sea by 2024. Together, they will provide 4.5 gigawatts of clean energy. When the electricity comes ashore from the sea, it will have to be transmitted to the existing energy grid. This requires a 700 megawatt connection, which will be realised and managed by TenneT.

Part of this grid connection is a new high-voltage substation near Beverwijk, where the electricity from the sea is transferred to the high-voltage grid. This high-voltage station is being built by Croon Wolter & Dros, who will complete the project in 2022.

In all these projects, safety comes first. A high-voltage station is a very specific environment to work in, so an experienced Safety Supervisor who knows the environment is essential. Through STAR, Croon Wolter & Dros had exactly that Safety Supervisor at its disposal immediately.

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