Working as a Planner – Joop Verhagen


My name is Joop Verhagen and I am a planner. In my job, I detail scope tasks in Roser Systems for turnarounds and projects. I also create work packages based on drawings, P&iDs, field checks and photographs. I fill in inspection forms and process and report contract variations and requests for materials.

I like working with STAR because you can always have a chat with your designated consultant. STAR works with clear contracts so that you always know where you stand, and agreements are always honoured. STAR is a flexible and professional company and always makes sure you get your salary on time.

STAR searches for a job that suits you and acts as an intermediary between you and the client. What is more, they help with administrative matters such as gate instructions and the renewal of A1 forms.

I think STAR as a competent and effective employer. I enjoy my work due to its varied nature and the contact I have with people who work in diverse disciplines.