David: “I have a prosperous future ahead of me.”


David is from Spain and has worked as a Piping Engineer at Dow Terneuzen since May ‘22. 

“I have always wanted to experience life and work abroad. Also, I wanted to grow professionally. Here in the Netherlands, I get that, plus I’m much better paid.” 

“I love challenges, and moving here was a big one. STAR helped me communicate with real estate agencies and arrange the documents required. It also meant being alone for the first months, but STAR helped me find out how to get my girlfriend – a non-European citizen – here. There were some challenges with the moving company. But now that all is sorted, I am enjoying the experience. I have even started to learn Dutch.” 

“Life in the Netherlands is completely different from Spain. Back home, people interact more on the streets, and things are generally more lively. But this country offers many other things, such as more security, much better employee treatment, and facilities to raise a family.

“STAR arranged for me to do the same job for the same company but in another country. Now I can grow professionally and am treated like staff. We all work together, eat together.” 

“Hopefully, I can be here long and enjoy this new opportunity. I like my job and being here; I feel like I have a prosperous future ahead of me. The beginnings were a bit difficult, but it has all been worth it. I don’t regret anything, and I would do it again.”

“STAR attends to your needs quickly. Whenever I have a problem or question, they get back to me right away.” 


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