New traineeship: Mariëtte and Femke about the importance of Project Support

General news

At STAR we know the market. That’s why we know exactly what helps our customers and specialists. Also when it comes to Project Support. Consultants Mariëtte Aertssen and Femke Bogaardt talk about the importance of this discipline – and about the new traineeship that is starting.


Massively underestimated
Project Support includes, for example, the work of document controllers. Femke Bogaardt, Consultant Project Management & Controls, explains the role of the document controller in a project. “The specialists ensure that everything is built and produced according to the plans of the engineers and designers. The document controller stands in between those two parties.”

“Every screw, every nut and every process is put in black and white by the engineers and designers. That goes to the document controller. He gives the right documents to the right specialists and takes them back.”

Mariëtte Aertsen, Consultant Project Support, adds: “If the engineers and designers make changes in the meantime, the document controller has to bring the new versions to the right people.”

“The importance of this work is vastly underestimated. It is so important,” says Mariëtte. “If document control is properly agreed on beforehand – with all parties involved – it can prevent costly misunderstandings.”


New traineeship
The same care is also part of the work of technical-administrative employees and project secretaries. These positions also fall under the Project Support discipline.

“Most people end up in these positions through the grapevine,” says Femke. “For example, because someone in their family does this work. We want to break that pattern because it is indispensable work. Also, the market is picking up so much that, for example, many document controllers are now welcome.”

“Because we go for the long term, participants get a permanent contract right away.”

That’s why there’s news. “We are launching a traineeship Project Support. To introduce young people in the industry to this important world.”

The first group will start in March, Mariëtte explains. “And in September the second. That’s how we want to do it every year. Participants get a permanent contract right away. We show that commitment because we are going for the longer term.”


All about Project Support
Femke explains what the program looks like overall. “First you have a training week in which you learn all about STAR, the industry and the systems we work with. You will also be shown around a major client such as BP. After that you immediately start working on a project. We already have agreements with customers to have a class of ten to twelve young talents start work.”

“Over two years, you work in different roles on different projects. Every three months there is a return day when you share your experiences with the other trainees.”

As a trainee, what baggage will you have gained on completion? “You can interpret technical drawings, so you know that everything is going well, for example during the construction of a factory,” says Mariëtte. “You have thorough knowledge of contracts, documentation, all routes and processes. You are at home in time management and know how to support project teams. So there’s a little bit of everything.”


Always a new challenge
And after the traineeship? “Then you can get fully involved in Project Support. As document controller, technical administrative assistant or project secretary. You can transfer from one role to another or advance to a different position.”

“The team spirit you encounter on projects is great. When you see how close-knit such a team is, how they support each other, that’s very nice to see. And the great thing is: if you do your job well as document controller, for example, then a project leader or construction manager will be happy to take you on to the next project. You are always assured of a new challenge.”

“At STAR we have the luxury of working on different types of projects in different sectors,” says Femke. “As a result, we can always look forward with each other to the next assignment that suits you best.”


Interested in the traineeship Project Support? Let us hear from you, we’d love to talk to you.