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Engineering jobs
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STAR's engineering jobs

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Jobs in engineering by STAR

Society is facing massive challenges in the field of technology and all of the ambitious projects and assignments in which STAR is involved sink or swim based on the skills of the engineers working on them. If you can’t find a suitable engineering job in our database right now, send us your CV and we will automatically let you know as soon as the right engineering job for you becomes available.

The right job in engineering

STAR is a long-term partner of market leaders in a wide variety of sectors and we have been working with prestigious European technical firms such as Shell, Worley, Tebodin, Gasunie and Bluewater for many years. We provide intermediary services for jobs throughout the entire process from the design phase to optimisation of the production chain.

STAR’s sizeable portfolio of market leaders means we offer the very best engineering jobs and the most challenging projects in Europe. We are focussed on engineering jobs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For native, but mostly English speakers.

STAR offers you the opportunity to work as an engineer in a broad range of sectors, such as our petrochemical jobs and offshore jobs.

Apply for the job that is exactly right for you. Are you looking for a civil engineering job or would a mechanical engineering job be more suited to your skills?

We offer engineering jobs in the following positions:

  • Process engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Electrical engineering jobs
  • Mechanical engineering jobs
  • Piping engineer
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Maintenance engineer

What does an engineering job involve?

Engineering jobs are all about investigating, planning and calculating technical projects. For example, project engineer jobs focus on developing, improving or innovating a project flow. As part of a process engineer job, you are responsible for optimising all or part of the process. If you prefer to get hands-on with the technology itself, then an electrical engineer job or a mechanical engineer job may be for you.

General duties and responsibilities involved in all engineering roles include the following:

  • User analysis
  • Design proposals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Calculations and budgeting
  • Technical advice

Whether you are a novice, an established professional or a highly experienced technical specialist, STAR can help you take the next step in your career.