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Project Management & Controls
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  • The project manager leads and manages technical multi-discipline project teams, comprising personnel and typically supplemented with other external personnel, during the development and execution of projects mainly with an expected investment level in the range MUSD 5- 50
  • Overall responsible for developing and executing projects and studies:
    • In compliance with internal Quality systems while adhering to requirements from Project Owner, other stakeholders and external authorities/regulations
    • In compliance to the client Code of Conduct and meeting the requirements and expectations to diversity and inclusion
  • Meeting or exceeding defined targets for her/his projects, including targets related to capacity, quality, safety, environment, cost, schedule, etc.
  • Ensuring safety always has top priority in her/his projects
  • Collaborates with the other department and unit heads, who are providing resources to his/her project team, to ensure that projects are adequately staffed and supported
  • Promotes and actively contributes to continuous improvement, experience transfer and best practices in project management.


  • Master’s degree in an engineering discipline
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, results oriented, open-minded, team player, looking always to the overall organizational success
  • 5+ years of experience in technical projects, including sizable maintenance projects, and in working in matrix organizations
  • Partnership mindset approach both with internal departments and units and with external partners, including consultants, contractors and suppliers
  • Experience with contract development and contract management
  • Innovative open mindset
  • Capacity to look into the details without losing the “big picture”
  • Solid understanding and commitment to continuous improvements and lean processes
  • Languages: fluent in English and knowledge of additional languages such as Dutch is an advantage
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