STAR and Stadlmann join to support clients in Germany and Austria with energy transition

General news

STAR and its new Austrian partner Stadlmann Tec will jointly support client with energy transition projects in Germany and Austria. Due to the deployment of engineers and technical specialists from both parties, projects and initiatives can be realized quickly and safely.

Both countries want to become less dependent on Russian gas and prevent climate change. That requires a lot of technical personnel in the coming years for the realization of new and sustainable initiatives in the field of energy and (industrial) production. The construction and maintenance of wind and solar parks, sustainable power plants, expansion of the electricity grid and hydrogen initiatives, among other things, make an important contribution to achieving these objectives.

In addition, both countries have a large automotive industry that will switch to electric driving or other forms of zero-emission mobility. The chemical industry will switch to green energy, non-fossil raw materials and must reduce its CO2 emissions. There is also a great need for specialist personnel in these sectors.

Together, both companies think they will be able to deploy enough technical personnel for this in the coming years, even if the demand is greater than the supply. Stadlmann is particularly specialized in the automotive and life science industry. The company has offices in Graz, Steyr and Munich and currently employs 130 engineers and other technical specialists. In 2021, the annual turnover was 7.3 million euros. After the acquisition, the company will be called STAR Stadlmann. Nothing will change for employees and clients. Founder and owner Ing. Ferdinand Stadlmann will continue to lead the company.


STAR is the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of technical project support through the deployment of engineers and technical specialists. The company, founded in 2001, has grown in the industry and energy sector and has expanded its expertise in recent years to the life science, offshore and infrastructure industry. STAR currently has more than 2500 specialists active in the field of project management & support, engineering, construction and maintenance. This year the company expects a turnover of approximately 300 million euros. STAR has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and recently also in Sweden. With the acquisition of Stadlmann, Austria becomes the fifth country where STAR is located.

“We were looking for a partner who knows the culture in Austria and Germany well. What Stadlmann does is in line with STAR, but we were not yet in the automotive industry, for example. That is why we can now also broaden our expertise to that sector,” says CEO Sil Hoeve of STAR. “On the other hand, we will help Stadlmann to acquire more clients in the energy and industrial sector. Geographically, we want to expand our services and become the dominant player in Northern Europe. Thus we give our specialists more opportunities to work abroad, because many well-trained people are eager to do so.”