From wastewater to clean energy: the contribution of STAR and ECC to the Circular Steam Project

General news

At STAR we know the market well. That is why we know exactly how we can help our clients and specialists move forward. For example, with the Circular Steam Project for Lyondell, in cooperation with ECC. “An appealing sustainability project,” says Sjoerd den Dekker, International Business Development Manager at STAR.


Good example

The Circular Steam Project (CSP) concerns an innovative waste-water treatment installation of LyondellBasell, the third largest independent chemical company in the world. At their plant in the Port of Rotterdam, waste water is now converted into clean energy.

The project was completed in October 2021. “The steam generated provides enough energy to keep the plant running now,” says Sjoerd den Dekker. “It is a good example of circularity.”

With this, the company is making a firm effort to become more sustainable. It will save 140,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year, the emissions of 31,000 cars. Also, 11 million kilos of salt residue no longer ends up in surface water.


Technical challenge

STAR was involved in all phases of the CSP, says Sjoerd. “We provided engineers for all disciplines. During the contracting of contractors we also provided a contract manager and buyer. During the construction phase, work planners and supervisors followed. Then, with the help of ECC, we supplied specialists for the commissioning. Both for Electrical & Instrumentation and Piping & Chemical.”

What was ECC’s role in the project? Martin Dingemans, project completion specialist: “We ensure that customers are in control, from start to finish. If we make the project ready to go, you soon see which positions need to be filled. This is where we can cooperate well with STAR.”

At its peak, some 35 specialists were working through STAR, says Sjoerd. “Many specialists who work via STAR want to contribute to sustainability projects. That was an attractive factor here too. As was the technical challenge involved.”

“The waste water incinerator is a nice innovation,” says Martin. “And connecting the plant to the existing factory was quite a complex job. In addition, a biological pond was created for waste water that is not so chemical. The chemicals are broken down in the pond. So the water can be discharged cleanly.”


Pleasant interaction

ECC did not only ensure that the project was ready for the start. “During the project, everything is logged: you can always see back when what was done and by whom,” says Martin. “With our work we want to give the work planners, QC’ers and commissioners valuable insights.”

“We therefore ensure that they have all the necessary information about the system. How everything is connected, which certificates you need, how you solve problems and also how you can prove that you have done so. Without the manual you are nowhere. The same goes for managing the contracts and agreements made with contractors. Then you know for sure that everything is ready and delivered as intended.”

“ECC makes it very clear to a client what needs to be done, now and in the long term,” says Sjoerd. “The interaction with STAR is very pleasant.”

Martin can confirm that. “ECC started working for Lyondell thanks to STAR. Because our work was well liked, Lyondell asked us to work on a project in Frankfurt. There we met specialists from STAR Germany. Nice how that can work out!”