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STAR's renewable energy jobs

Renewable Energy jobs

With the energy transition firing on all cylinders, a vast range of specialist jobs have become available in the energy and renewable energy fields. In addition to sustainability projects, existing energy projects must also be kept fully and safely operational.

Would you like to contribute to the energy transition via a job in renewable energy? We might have the right job that suits your skills. Filter the disciplines to find all QA / QC jobs, engineering jobs or jobs in other disciplines.

If you can’t find what you are looking for right now, send us your CV and we will let you know as soon as the right sustainable energy job for you becomes available.

The energy transition: a sustainable job creator

The energy transition is helping to achieve major social ambitions that truly make a difference. Market leaders are working on large-scale solutions and innovation that will help boost the sustainability of energy and transport.

As a long-term partner of these market leaders, STAR works on some of the most challenging projects in the energy sector. Working for STAR is therefore a massive opportunity to develop as a professional and do your bit for society. While you are working on your current assignment, we will already be searching high and low for your next job in renewable energy.

Whether you are a novice, an established professional or a highly experienced specialist with an interest in the energy transition, STAR can help you take the next step in your career. Together we find that ultimate renewable energy job.

What do renewable energy jobs involve?

The entire energy sector is striving to be more sustainable. Energy producers, grid managers and energy suppliers are working hard to implement new innovation and technology.

Our renewable energy jobs allow you to work on projects such as the construction and management of windmills, hydrogen systems, solar panels and the distribution of this sustainable energy. Due to the rapid pace of modernisation in this sector, our clients are always looking for knowledge and expertise in all kinds of new technologies. Have you already gained experience with an energy transition job or did the energy transition catch your eye at school or university? If so, then you already have a head start in this sector.

We have renewable energy jobs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and throughout Europe.