Senior HVAC Engineer

Life Science
Vacancy ID


Mission description: In coordination with Engineering Office and Project Management, ensure correct design, construction, commissioning and qualification in full compliance with internal requirements and authorities' requirement of HVAC package (networks, installation and pieces of equipment, UDF / LAF / cold rooms / incubator / etc, regulation, BMS supervision). Tasks and responsibilities
  • Provide expertise on HVAC Packages (pharma & non-pharma) to support design, execution and commisionning / qualification phases of CapEx Projects
  • Be representative for all HVAC-related activities and installations
  • Support the E.O in management of activities related to this package
  • Ensure alignment between E.O and the company's Specification and Guidance
  • Review design and technical documentation
  • Follow-up construction & all testing activities falling under the package’ scope
  • Ensure systems start-up and punchlist solving
  • Provide projects support in terms of technical expertise, contractors’ management and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Facilitate handover process towards the end user
  • Review tender documents for ITT process & contractors’ selection
  • Detailed design studies review with E.O. and contractors
  • Works supervision, Walkdowns performed + punchlist follow-up
  • Provisional and final acceptances
  • Final handover for HVAC packages and system. 
  • Engineering: expert specialist (not PM) role of customer representative (ensuring compliance with specifications, maintenance interface, design offices)
  • Monitoring execution: specifications, site meetings
  • Knowledge of HVAC processes, 3D/field verification


Education :
  • Open to various diplomas, experience is more important
Experience :
  • 1st experience in a pharmaceutical environment (GMP) - grade A/B/C/D classification, validation, etc.
  • HVAC : secondary production project (class C zone)
Profile :
  • HVAC profile and not PM
  • No admin
Important: Homeworking :
  • Design phase: 1 day/week of homeworking
  • Execution phase: no homeworking
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