Lead Process Safety Engineer - UK based

United Kingdom
Vacancy ID


  • Lead and/or facilitate Process Hazard Reviews for projects and operating facilities to ensure adequate safeguards and recommend additional safeguards as required to meet safety targets.
  • Perform consequence modeling for facility siting, atmospheric vents and flares. This will include dispersion analysis, thermal radiation studies, and pool fire scenarios analysis.
  • Prepare occupied building siting reports
  • Prepare SIL assessments
  • Prepare Hazardous Area Electrical Classification schedule following applicable regional codes
  • Prepare fire protection deliverables including fire hazard analysis, firewater demand basis, fireproofing schedule, and Fire & Gas Detector location plans.
  • Help develop site plot plan layout with proper equipment separation distances.
  • Help resolve emergency response requirements.
  • Participate in site reviews to evaluate third party exposure and perform Site Vulnerability Assessment for projects.
  • Travel to site in support of commissioning and start-up may be required. Typical travel time is 10%


  • Already in posession of a UK-workpermit.
  • Be self-motivated and have good engineering problem-solving, interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills along with a passion for safety.
  • Minimum of a Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Significant experience working as a Process Safety Engineer for an EPC or design function of an operating company. Experience with Ammonia synthesis, Syngas generation (Steam methane reforming, Autothermal reformers, Partial oxidation reactors), Hydrogen separation/liquefaction, Electrolysis, CO2 capture/purification, or Cryogenic Air Separation experience preferred.
  • Experience in process safety management (PSM), hazard identification techniques, quantitative risk analysis, facility siting and regional regulatory codes & standards.
  • Experience leading/facilitating hazard review and LOPA studies.
  • Experience using software tools such as DNV PHAST & PHAWorks.
  • Experience in safety monitoring equipment, instrumentation, process control, HVAC, and electrical design is a plus.
  • Experience supervising, training and developing more junior team members.

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