Lead Electrical Engineer

Renewable energy
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  • As Lead Electrical Engineer your are responsible for the monitoring of all phases of the project, from the RFQ (request for quotation), to the handover of work, including the contracting phase, the detailed design, the construction phase, the commissioning and start-up phase
  • Ensure the consistency of the design and implementation of the various work packages,
  • Review of engineering documents for the process package to ensure compliance with contracts, performance criteria and quality standards.
  • Follow-up the actions lists and scrutinize interfaces - be responsible for the punch items of his package
  • Inspection of equipment and work during the manufacturing and assembly phases: progress,FAT, SAT, etc.
  • Monitoring the planning, budget and quality of studies and works.
  • Technical management of external consultancies and approved bodies.
  • Based on its own expertise, advise project engineers so that they can reach a conclusion or take a decision.
  • Assisting the PM, EM and CM with the management and coordination of contractors/DSO (Distribution System Operator)/Administration, both for technical and contractual aspects.
  • Drafting of progress reports for the E&I work package and all monitoring documents requested by the PM or the Steering Committee.
  • Management of regular (weekly) technical and progress meetings for the Electrical work package and drafting of minutes.
  • Participation in regular (weekly) technical meetings for the other work packages.
  • Participation in regular coordination and progress meetings (weekly) with the project team.


  • Training
    • Master degree engineering - specialty electrical or electromechanics
    • VCA or equivalent.
  • Expertise
    • In depth knowledge of the specific standards, norms, regulations etc. as well as knowledge of
    • the industrial capabilities of electrical material.
    • In-depth knowledge of the process industry, process engineering and industrial projects
    • In-depth technical and functional knowledge of electricity production, High and low voltage
    • transmission and distribution and connection to the grid
    • Knowledge of "technical" analysis methods specific to multidisciplinary projects: HAZID,
    • HAZOP, ATEX, SIL, etc.
    • bilingual French/English
  • Experience
    • At least 10 years' experience in multi-disciplinary projects, including at least 5 years in the field of energy production (power plant, waste incineration, biomass, etc.).
  • Personality
    • having a primary focus on safety, both in design and in construction
    • Rigour and leadership.
    • Good communication skills with the project team and with companies.
    • Good presentation and analytical skills, with the ability to provide solutions to problems.
    • Autonomy/initiative.
    • good planning and organisation skills
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