Handover Coordinator

Project Management & Controls
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  • Reporting to Handover Manager on day to day handover activities e.g. System Joint Walkthroughs where punching of systems are done
  • Responsible to coordinate handover process from Technip to Neste during pre-commissioning and commissioning phases of the project
  • Coordinate flow of handover related documentation from Technip to Neste organization
  • Support Handover Manager on setting up the requirements of handover from Technip and construction contractors as per project handover procedures
  • Liaise closely with QA/ QC to align the requirements from construction/pre-commissioning to commissioning and safe start up
  • Liaise closely with authority engineering to align the requirements for documentation required from authorities
  • Coordinate
  • with Technip and construction contractors planned timing of System Joint Walkthroughs and coordinate that needed Neste resources from precommissioning, QA/QC and Maintenance teams are assigned for punching  
  • Coordinate alignment of punch categories between Technip and Neste punching teams and escalate to Neste Precommissioning Manager when required
  • Collect Neste punch lists from System Joint Walkthrough team leads for all systems and consolidate punch lists prior to sending to Technip for Easyplant uploading
  • Coordinate and followup timely punch closing between Technip and Neste teams
  • Coordinate handover and uploading of redline documentation to Found system with Neste document manager
  • Verify that required documentation and data required for commissioning are handed over by Technip prior the approval of System Mechanical Completion handover and issuance of Certificate of System Mechanical Completion
  • File handover documentation to shared google drive for MC handover of systems, mechanical completion packages and plant
  • Ensure that safety is an integral component of all handover activities
  • Establish effective and active communications between Technip and Neste teams
  • Participate in the handover/mechanical completion related meetings
  • Organize and chair punch meetings with Technip and Neste punch teams


  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical/Piping or Instrumentation/Automation Engineering from recognized university
  • Understanding of systemization and handover with prior experience
  • Experience in permitting activities from Owners perspective will be an added bonus
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in Oil and Gas/ refinery or chemical plants
  • Be able to establish safe working practices and be proficient in English (spoken and written)
  • Good and proactive attitude and communication skills
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