Coating Engineer

Offshore & Shipbuilding
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  • Engineer protection of equipment / assets by means of coating, insulation, fireproofing in line with Group, Client and Project requirements, from coating systems selection to application and testing. This may involve issuing of engineering specification, application procedures, technical notes, testing plans.
  • Support package engineers, supply chain, inspection team on all coating, lining, insulation and fire proofing scopes.
  • Assist other disciplines (piping, mechanical, structural, process, etc) with specific input on any coating, lining, insulation and fire proofing matters.
  • Support construction teams (shipyards and fabrication yards) on all coating, lining, insulation, personnel protection, fire proofing scopes.
  • Implement the working instructions and come forward with ideas and tools for improvements/new solutions.
  • Capture lesson learnt (improvements and opportunities) along the course of the project and submit to DLE on the project.
  • Ensure deliverables issued by equipment suppliers, manufacturers comply with client specifications and international rules, codes, standards referenced therein.
  • Seek constant alignment with material selection, corrosion, cathodic protection colleagues so that MCP strategy is coherent overall and there are no discrepancies / gaps in the approach.
  • Reviews the materials deliverables related to coating and lining produced by bulk material/ equipment Suppliers and Subcontractors, e.g. coating procedures, quality plans and inspection test plans.
  • Ensures quality and compliance of coating and lining systems in equipment packages and adherence to applicable project specifications.
  • Complies with the Group Technical Standards and GEMS processes, raises comments and deviations when necessary.
  • Interfaces with Subcontractors and Yard for resolution of coating and lining issues, as required.
  • Provides technical advice and support on coating manufacture, application, and inspection matters, as required.
  • Suggests suitable actions to prevent, adsorb or minimize any deviations in terms of time and costs.
  • Collects Project Lessons Learned for continuous improvement implementation.


  • Work experience 3 years minimum in corrosion protection by coatings and linings in one of the following related industries: Shipbuilding, Chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical process plant, offshore process facilities (e.g. platforms).
  • Knowledge of international standards on the specification, application and inspection of coatings and linings.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering, materials engineering or equivalent.
  • Office presence few days per week on a weekly base is required.
  • Professional coating specialist qualifications, desirable
  • Must be autonomous, communicate efficiently and with good team spirit.
  • Availability to traveling to yards, fabrication sites and vendor premises worldwide [business trips]
  • Ability to manage several activities in parallel, combined with flexibility and strong analytical and organizational skills
  • Good communication skills, sense of ownership, ability to take initiative.
  • Team-player who delivers in a multicultural environment, willing to share knowledge, standardize and simplify.
  • Able to work in multitasking mode, using design thinking principles and handling multiple projects at the same time
  • Proactive, self-propelled individual that can find ways to deliver the expected results in the most efficient way.
  • Good level of English, both written and spoken.

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