Senior Process Engineer

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  • Senior Process engineer for Plant change and Project development, the process engineering role consists of the following three categories:
    • MOC
    • Projects
    • Unit support
  • The candidate for this process engineer role is expected to:
  • Value and respect all People/Integrity/Customer Focus/Act for the Greater Whole.
  • Manage a diverse work list with varying length of timelines, varying levels of urgency, interrelationships and varying stakeholders.
  • Be independent, be proactive and able to find his/her way in a complex refinery environment, working closely with Operations, Maintenance, Inspection and the other Engineering disciplines to ensure thorough and complete communication of process issues at hand.
  • Taking the lead when necessary to facilitate problem resolution when the problem requires Process Engineering knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensure Process Engineering activities are conducted fully in line with company and governmental regulations.
  • Have good working knowledge in both English and Dutch and fluent in one of those.
  • Have strong communication skills as well as the ability to cooperate with external parties (clients, Engineering contractors, etc).
  • Prior manufacturing experience is strongly desired along with process engineering experience and experience with the development of projects.
  • “VCA-vol” qualification is a requirement before starting activities, in view of necessity to do site visits.
  • Having knowledge of applicable codes and standards (API/RTOD/ASME/PED) in the petrochemical industry, knowledge specifically with the internal standard DEP and Dutch legislative requirements would be an advantage.
  • Able to use process simulator PROII to perform flash calculations, and more complex simulations, when required.
  • Able to review the quality and completeness engineering documents.
  • Able to pinpoint problem areas and bring forward creative solutions considering a minimum technical scope philosophy.
  • Proficient and flexible with IT systems and software.
  • Physical condition should be such that actual construction and line-up of the process systems can be verified in the field and all visible and audible warning signals can be detected.


  • Chemical engineering education, academic thinking and working level with experience in the industry, preferably obtained while working at engineering contractors in process engineering or process safety design;
  • Experience of minimum 10 years;
  • Good knowledge of refining processes in general;
  • Ideally based in the Netherlands.
  • You are a go-getter and have leading capabilities.

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