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Offshore & Shipbuilding
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  • As a Project Regulatory Manager you shall conduct all activities in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures, ensuring the welfare of personnel and the protection of assets and the environment at all times.
  • Ensure all personnel in the team are fully versed and compliant with the organization’s safety procedures and values.
  • The Regulatory Manager will focus on the successful project delivery of FPSO systems
  • Define, maintain and expedite the Actions on the Regulatory Obligations Register;
  • Coordinate closeout of Class design review and Class survey findings;
  • Liaise with the Project Quality Manager and Package Engineers Engineer on certification (Class, Ex, Materials) closeout issues;
  • Closeout all Coastal State, Flag State, Class, MWS and Third Party compliance issues, and liaise with the Quality team;
  • Identify status and compile Regulatory Authorizations required by Coastal State, Flag State, Port State, Class, MWS and Third Party regulators in relation to the project delivery scope;
  • Ensure effective action tracking, reporting and proactive closeout;
  • Ensure certification interfaces/requirements between FPSO contractors are incorporated where required, to achieve objectives;
  • Demonstrate and encourage empathetic team work as a member of a culturally diverse organization;
  • Develop and implement strategies to foster appreciation and ownership of Regulatory issues across the project;
  • Support Package Managers and others Manager across the project regarding Regulatory issues;
  • Understanding of legislation relevant to offshore floating oil and gas production activities;
  • Knowledge and experience with regulatory compliance processes in the oil and gas industry, including obtaining authorizations;
  • Working knowledge of upstream technologies – FSO, FPSO, semisubmersibles, project engineering and project management processes.
  • To lead and manage FPSO and Project regulatory requirement stemming from regulatory bodies (Local Authorities, Flag State, Class, etc) from EPC, transportations, until handing over to Operations Department;
  • Lead and manage the execution of the Regulatory Matrix, including permitting and other deliverables for FPSO and Project;
  • Lead and Manage the Project Regulatory Team;
  • Review, identify and implement regulatory requirement for inclusion into project design, specification and project activities;
  • Attend PMT meetings and report progress to Project Manager, Planner and Client;
  • Interface with Local authorities, PMT disciplines / Functions and client representatives for acquisition of permits, licenses and consents;
  • Formulate and execute Regulatory Compliance Execution Plan and Regulatory Matrix
  • Maintain project regulatory folders;
  • Establish and make available Project library for applicable Local authorities and Class requirement;
  • Conduct regular workshops with Class and Project disciplines to address open comments
  • Interface with project team, Class surveyors to address class punches;
  • Initiate preparation of all Class required Manuals and Plans as per regulatory compliance matrix;
  • Champion / expedite closure of Open Class / authorities comments (Technical and Survey) comments;
  • Monitor Class document review cycles to avoid VOs;
  • Assist Project Manager and Engineering Manager as required;
  • Manage Class service delivery and ensure Class Deliverables in accordance to Class Scope of Work;
  • Collate and handover certificates, permits, licenses and consents to Operations.


  • To be successful in the role as Project Regulatory Manager you will have a Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or other relevant discipline;
  • Minimum 8 to 12 years’ experience in managing and coordinating engineering and construction for a large multi-disciplined oil and gas projects;
  • Extensive experience in coordinating with teams of professional engineers and support personnel;
  • Experience in working for/with a Classification Society engaged in Class/verification activities and certification of components;
  • As a Project Regulatory Manager you will have a successful track record in managing 3rd party service providers and schedule objectives;

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