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STAR's life science jobs

Lief Science Jobs

Since STAR started working in the Life Sciences sector in 2017, our portfolio of jobs has expanded considerably. Our clients rely on us to support their high-profile projects by quickly supplying staff for the most challenging life sciences jobs around.

STAR offers a vast range of life sciences jobs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Use the filters to find the jobs that suit your specific skills, for example, our engineering jobs or HSE jobs.

If you can’t find a suitable life sciences job in our database right now, send us your CV and we will automatically let you know as soon as the right job for you becomes available.

A job in the life science sector

The life sciences sector is constantly in development. With over 3,000 life sciences, pharma and biotech businesses established in the Netherlands, life sciences is one of the country’s most vital growth sectors. Market leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors are constantly looking for experienced specialists in a wide range of disciplines. For this reason, STAR always has a huge variety of life sciences jobs on offer.

The rapid pace of development makes life sciences an extremely dynamic sector, which means our specialists have a wealth of opportunity to work and grow within this discipline. Many of the assignments are project-based, so while you are working on your current assignment, we will already be searching high and low for your next challenging role in life sciences.

Whether you are a novice, an established professional or a highly experienced specialist with an interest in life sciences, STAR can help you take the next step in your career.

What does a life sciences job involve?

Life sciences jobs are all about improving people’s health. The lightning pace of modern medical innovation makes this sector extremely dynamic and a huge range of jobs are available in fields such as biological research and the development of new medical applications.

Developments in society such as population aging are boosting demand for life sciences and fuelling growth in this sector. The government and the business community are investing substantially in this sector and as a result, more and more life sciences jobs are becoming available.