Water Engineering Lead

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  • Develop safe designs, contribute to safety pre-qualifications of OEMs, lead machine safety initiatives as well as D-HAZOP and operational readiness assessment
  • Be responsible for realization of (waste)water process investment projects (CapEx) in breweries around the world as part of a multi-disciplinary project team.
  • Design masterplan, conceptual and basic engineering solutions as input for cost estimates and Fund Applications, develop detailed (waste)water process engineering and follow-up during execution (MI, OM handover, SAT, plant HO) as member of multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Lead, build, maintain and improve the knowledge on (waste)water processes enabling optimal total cost of ownership and optimal CapEx.
  • Develop and maintain an extensive internal and external (suppliers) network to ensure fit-for-purpose engineering designs.
  • Work closely together with local and regional Brewery Management/shop floor and other key stakeholders all over the world. Contribute to CoE and other internal initiatives.
  • Contribute to continuous learning and EEM, build, maintain and improve knowledge and specifications on equipment to enable optimal total cost of ownership and lead process technologies ready for implementation (e.g. SCALE concepts).
  • Co-develop and implement new technologies, incl. digital transformation.
  • Work closely with other Projects & Engineering Teams and Members.
  • Identify, investigate and adopt cutting edge (waste)water technologies, where these offer a distinct operational advantage.
  • Maintain frequent and appropriate levels of communication with key stakeholders to ensure that all parties are kept appraised of projects and future plans


  • 8–10-year experience required in project and engineering management related to (waste)water treatment projects;
  • Demonstrated senior experience on (Geohydrology) and (waste) water engineering processes and operations;
  • In-depth Project Management knowledge and experience in a large multinational (preferably FMCG) or consultancy firm with cultural and market awareness;
  • Significant experience in reporting and equipment reliability (operational, construction and maintenance);
  • (Master's) Bachelor's degree in the following fields is preferred: civil engineering, chemical engineering or environmental engineering.
  • The Water Engineering Lead should understand dynamics in the FMCG industry and has proven experience.
  • He/she must be a team player, show leadership, be mature as well as creative and most of all innovative and target oriented.
  • He/she will ensure the right level of specialist knowledge in order to develop and apply the respective specialist discipline within investment projects.
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