Turnaround IT Support

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  • The Technology Support Focal Point (TFP) is responsible for the effective implementation and support of all Turnaround applications within the TA Team.
  • This role is focused on tool implementation and proper use within the work processes
  • Provide a trained facility resource that can effectively install technology tools and coach personnel on the intended use of the applications to create maximum value from the Global Turnaround Methodology (GTM) work processes
  • Support implementation and use of GTM Applications (as listed on the MP Applications website) in assigned facility
  • Works with business and site Global Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to implement the applications.
  • Develop and implement the TA dashboard – work with Global TA support team.
  • Provide support to the users for the applications and mobile solution technology
  • Works with the Global SME to support and enhance the applications and mobile solution technology.
  • Support workarounds and temporary fixes for known problems specific to the TA team.
  • Support population and maintenance of required data for each application (administrator)
  • Define, report, and help resolve problems with the applications and mobile solution technology
  • Support and maintain established TA databases and tools.
  • Compile TA Productivity data, including Wrench Time during Pre-work and Execution.
  • Present data to Leadership during TA, (Command Center).


  • This role requires strong leadership skills; must be able to quickly establish rapport, set expectations and provide environment to ensure effective learning.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, i.e., Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  • The individual selected for the role must be capable of effectively coaching, redirecting and escalating when progress is not being made or when the process is not being followed.
  • Use of Change Management principles is essential to help ensure department personnel are fully engaged in implementation and resolution of issues.
  • The individual selected for this role must have strong computer skills in order to resolve issues between software, hardware, network, and supporting infrastructure.
  • High aptitude and working knowledge of computer hardware and software, networking practices and infrastructure.
  • Self-starter, strong initiative and leadership.
  • Great communication skills - able to communicate effectively with persons in all levels of the organization.
  • Knowledgeable of the GTM Work.
  • Strong problem solving skills

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