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  • The Manufacturing site Geleen encompasses 7 plants: 2 Naphtha crackers (Olefins 3 & Olefins 4), a Logistics unit for Chemicals & Intermediates, a Polypropylene unit (PPF), 2 Polyethylene units (LDPE & HDPE) and a Logistics unit for Polymers. The Naphtha crackers produce amongst others ethylene and propylene that are mainly used as feedstock for the successive poly-olefins plants. Our polyethylene product range includes all of the commodity thermoplastic polymers, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE). The polypropylene product range includes block copolymer and specialty automotive grades.
  • These 7 operational plants are organized according to the PMT-model (Plant Operations, Maintenance and Technical). Plant Operations is responsible for a safe and reliable production within the defined Safety Health & Environment / License to Operate goals.
  • Maintenance is responsible for specification, scheduling and execution of the activities in the plant. The Technical department is responsible for the design of the asset, the asset life plan, the operating window and the continuous review of the asset performance, of which asset integrity, process safety and legislative requirements are key factors.
  • The cross-functional Plant Improvement Team (which includes Plant Operation, Maintenance and Technical) identifies, selects and allocates resources to deliver a balanced portfolio of plant improvement opportunities that add the greatest value and focus on the most important activities. The purpose is to obtain strong functional teams to improve plant operations, reliability and sustainability.
  • For the Central Maintenance team we currently are offering a job as Maintenance Engineer Static
  • As a as Maintenance Engineer Static you are responsible for specification of legal  ‘static’ inspections  
  • Responsible for the quality and timely delivery of this specification to  maintenance manager / senior planners of the plant e.g. by notifications in SAP
  • Responsible for the compliance to applicable engineering requirements and practices
  • Responsible for the checking executed preventive work/documentation compliant with regulations and legal requirements
  • Responsible for the compliance to legal (codal) requirements and regulations with respect to safety, environment and hygiene
  • Responsible for the delivery of maintenance repair plans related to first line troubleshooting of finding from legal inspections, including multidisciplinary problems, and the timely and sufficient involvement of other specialists
  • Responsible for the delivery of small modifications, act as project responsible in the Management of Change process
  • As Maintenance Engineer Static you will be responsible for adequate information exchange on and analysis of legal ‘static’ inspection work with the other ME static engineers allocated to the plant  in order to enable optimization of preventive maintenance plans and cost
  • Member of scoping team meetings and responsible for correct and timely Turn Around ‘preventive legal static’ scope of specific plant
  • Member of mechanical engineering team during turn around
  • Active member of several meetings, e.g. plant static technical meeting.
  • The Maintenance Engineer Static enables effective maintenance against minimum cost by optimizing possible technical solutions and the costs involved in preparing and execution that solution.
  • Leading evaluations of executed maintenance work in order to enhance maintenance efficiency and effectiveness
  • If applicable you will also participate in hazard reviews (SA, PHR, JSA, TRA) and root cause analysis.
  • You can be assigned as a Material owner of ‘static ’materials within defined area


  • Mechanical Bachelor or Masters degree
  • You hold several years of relevant  static (inspection & repair) experience in the chemical industry, preferable in a BRZO environment
  • You are Dutch speaking or from South Africa so that you can read Dutch documentation.
  • You have technical and professional knowledge and (analytical) skills:
  • Decision making, Stress tolerance, Quality awareness
  • Building positive working relations, Safety awareness
  • Communication, organize and planning
  • Continuous improvement
  • SAP (PM) knowledge
  • As a person you breath ownership and you are eager to deliver as agreed(pro-active);
  • As a Maintenance Static Engineer you fully understand the importance of good communication and will act accordingly;
  • Thrive on thinking outside the box to come with innovative solutions;
  • As a Maintenance Static Engineer you are not frightened by ambiguous and/or stressful situations, requiring personal flexibility;

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