Sr. Automation Engineer

Life Science
Vacancy ID


  • Support technically the global projects for upgrading different automation applications
  • The applications in scope are SCADA, Particles & Environment monitoring systems, Serialization & aggregation, Automatic backup & Versioning control.
  • Assess and study the install base of each application in scope of each project
  • Do the market analysis and benchmarking to identify the proper solution for each application
  • Collect system requirements involving different sites SME’s, challenge them for identifying new ways of working and seeking modernization of applications use
  • Build testing environment for the identified solution/s to properly test it
  • Work closely with the vendor of the solution to identify the proper design & architecture
  • Build the LDD (Landscape Definition Document) of the solution assuring highest redundancy and availability
  • Work with TECH (IT) to identify the proper build of the infrastructure to assure the proper management and maintenance of the application across its life cycle
  • Work with OT team to assure that OT controls and policies are properly considered in the design and development of the solution
  • Work with Data management team to assure the proper interfacing with Historian is considered
  • Participate in creating the system URS
  • Review the design specification documents (SDS, FDS, HDS, NDS, …etc.)
  • Review the related IT documents to the application (DRP, SP, …etc.)
  • Work with Automation CAPEX PMO to assure the proper planning and interdependency between different projects is well considered
  • Work with Automation CAPEX team to assure the proper execution of the projects
  • Identify and escalate any associated risk to project technical execution
  • Collaborate with sites automation teams during Project mode & BAU (Business as Usual)
  • Act as expert in his/her domain of competence


  • 5 – 7 years hands-on experience in automation position in pharma industry
  • Language: English fluent (oral and written) - French is a plus
  • Good Knowledge on Pharma/CSV requirement
  • Good Knowledge of OT Industrial automation Systems in general, in particular Wonderware Archestra, Siemens & Allen Bradley PLc’s. - DCS (PCS7 or DeltaV) is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of Historian platform, Osi PI is preferred
  • Basic knowledge of EMS (Environment Monitoring System) & BMS (Building Management System)
  • Basic knowledge of industrial communication protocols
  • Basic knowledge of virtualization technologies
  • Basic knowledge in Server-client setup, Thick-client, thin-client, web-client, zero-client

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