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  • Ensures planning, controlling and realizing of capital expenditures and operational expenses
  • Compares performance indicators with objectives for productivity and costs control
  • Proceed to productivity improvement by setting relevant action plan
  • Participates and follows-up of of the SLA with other plants/entities
  • Ensures control of external costs through procurement policies implementation
  • Ensure his team is properly using the tools and that the quality of the data is good
  • Participates to benchmark with other (European) plants of similar size .
  • Promotes innovation for his activity (eg. related to climate roadmap, digitalisation, CIMP, S&Op, etc...)"
  • Reviews each job's responsibilities of the plant and identifies and/or checks required qualification and competencies to perform the job in accordance with country regulation and group procedures
  • Ensures that training and qualification programs are implemented and that quality procedures are followed by all staff of the plant. Proceed to manager performances appraisal
  • Coordinates productions, handling, transport actions, defines priorities according procedures
  • Identify the needs for recruitment with HR and his/her Manager"
  • Ensures that the customer complaint process is effective and that addressing all possible issues
  • Ensures that the facility is operated in a safe, reliable and efficient manner, preserving the environment
  • Ensures safe handling, storage and filling of cylinders
  • Ensures full compliance with certifications (9001 14001 22000 17025)
  • Ensures that the data quality is properly managed " 


  • Must have a technical understanding of the filling process ; i.e. gas compression systems, gas physics and chemicals.
  • Know the entity HSE/IMS policy, standards and procedures
  • knowledge of safe working practices (e.g. Safe Work Permit procedure). Quality procedures and safety regulation
  • Country labor laws
  • Plant Emergency solution. Crisis management.
  • Remains referent and set example about safety concerns. Open minded to social relations and working atmosphere.
  • Ensure that individuals have the skills and motivation to achieve the industrial objectives. 
  • Provides instruction, resources and guidance as a way to support success
  • Works with team members to establish performance expectations to achieve objective
  • Remaining focused, and self organized , managing priorities

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