Senior Process Control Technician

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  • We are seeking qualified personnel to fill a role for process automation supporting MOD5 control systems.  Role requires hand-on Dowtran Process Control software development and configuration.
  • The selected candidate will work as a technical resource under the direction of the Dow Process Automation Lead to complete the deliverables associated with the control application code.  The application code will be developed by applying the tools, work processes, and project methodology. 
  • Applicable PA support activities and projects:
    • Front end loading (i.e. early project planning, FEL / FEED),
    • Detailed design and construction, and
    • Commissioning and startup. 
  • The selected individual will have responsibility to provide feedback concerning challenges and learnings to the PA Lead to facilitate continuous improvement.
  • The individual must have a strong background in process automation and be fully qualified and proficient in the application of this skill and knowledge in the project space.  Experience in chemical manufacturing facilities is preferred.
  • Successful applicants for this role will complete the following project deliverables:
  • Work as part of an integrated design team to meet project requirements and deliverables.
  • Work with Process Engineers, Manufacturing Representatives, and Process Engineering SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to review Piping and Instrument Drawings (P&IDs) and provide feedback regarding Inputs, Outputs, Instruments, and Operation.
  • Assist in development of process control specifications.
  • Configure process control software to meet process control specifications.
  • Develop/modify HMI (Human Machine Interface) graphics.
  • Perform software simulation of process control applications and HMI applications software.
  • Work with project team to integrate process control software into final program for target chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Provide documentation of operational details (example: alarm details specific to operator actions).
  • Provide support for control code commissioning and check-out.
  • Work as part of team to provide facility PA support coverage


  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in MOD5 control system applications software programming and troubleshooting in chemical manufacturing facilities.
  • Experience and ability to do MOD5 process control software development and configuration is the priority.
  • Experience in design and implementation of the following process control principles:
  • Analog control (PID, cascade, and constraint controllers)
  • State Based control knowledge or Batch control knowledge
  • Alarms, Interlocks, and Enables
  • Digital logic applications
  • Ability to read, write, and troubleshoot Dowtran
  • Ability and willingness to do hands-on MOD5 software configuration and development work with little to no supervision
  • Proficient use of Dowtran ACM templates, as well as hand-written code for control code development and maintenance
  • Control Systems software strategy design, developing user requirements, functional requirements, and detailed design specifications or Dow PCSD (Process Control Strategy Documentation).
  • Ability to communicate and work onsite and remotely with diverse discipline project teams, ability to learn new methods and technologies, ability to work on projects without being supervised.  Candidate must be able to read, write, and speak English.
  • Proficient in standard workstation tools:
  • Microsoft® Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint®)
  • Microsoft® Outlook
  • Virtual Team Meeting tools: WebEx, Teams, etc.
  • Experience/Expertise using the Dowtran Strategy Builder tools is a plus

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