Senior Module Engineer

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  • The Modules Engineer will join the OSBL Project at the beginning of Detailed Engineering in the EPCm Contractor Offices in the UK or UK/Belgium,
  • Then will follow the Modularisation phase at the Modules Fabrication Yard(s) location (to be decided yet in Spain/Italy or Asia)
  • And then will be joining the Modules Installation and Site Construction activities in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • You will Safely complete Detailed Engineering, Module Fabrication and Modules Hook up phase; foster an environment where ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ is an achievable expectation.
  • Assist the Module Yard Manager in administering the contract relative to the Module fabrication activities; focus on high quality product, delivered as per schedule and as per budget.
  • Monitor and appraise Modules Engineering and Fabrication works for conformance with the Job Specification
  • Contribute to the Project Development as Modularization Subject Matter Expert by offering past modularization experience in AWP preparation, Work Front analysis and preparation and productivity analysis 
  • Your main responsibilities: act as a Safety Champion; Promote safety awareness across OSBL Team; lead by example at all times.
  • Monitor and appraise the Contractor’s performance relative to modules detailed engineering and  fabrication; Work with Contractor to improve performance as appropriate.
  • Support the Detailed Engineering phase for Modularisation and Site Installation by offering a construction-oriented approach
  • Ensure the modules are designed in a way to ease construction, minimizing temporary steel and ensuring it is easily removable
  • Review and Monitor the strategy concerning Modules Fabrication and Installation sequence, by ensuring TOS are properly defined and AWP/IWP are properly developed. Minimise testing re-works at Site.
  • Participate to the Constructability Reviews supporting a successful planning for Modules Fabrication, Logistics and Installation  
  • Monitor and appraise Module fabrication work for conformance with engineering drawings, design specifications, owner’s standards and applicable codes by checking actual work performed.  Work with Contractor to implement corrective measures where needed.
  • Continuously review and appraise Contractor’s Module fabrication planning and scheduling by focusing on actual quantities installation monitoring and forecast against plan. No carry-over works for Site.
  • Actively participate in Construction Surveillance Program at any pre-fab shops (steel, piping, painting/galvanization, etc.) by performing assessments on subcontractors work
  • Identify non-conformances and participate in deficiency closure and documentation process for respective scope of work
  • Coordinate spec deviations and TQs relative to Modules during Detailed Eng. and Modularisation phase
  • Participate in system & test pack walk-downs (construction completion, punch-listing, module release walks)
  • Support MY claims management; seek opportunities to limit commercial exposure throughout fabrication.
  • Assist in verifying actual fabrication progress against Contractor reported progress for invoices to ensure accurate reporting and stewardship of project costs, offering a technical support to the Planning Team.  Keep the Module Yard Manager informed of progress of fabrication work and advise him of any issues.
  • Promote open, honest and proactive communications within Team, IPMT, and Antwerp Specialists; break down barriers, resolve problems, expedite, and facilitate discussions to get alignment and make timely decisions to meet project objectives.
  • Assist in facilitating all Module Yard visits ensuring visitors remain safe and documenting any key input received.
  • Maintain a project diary and keep note of lessons learned and track closure of key issues as work progresses.
  • Contribute to the Monthly and Final Reports as requested.
  • Promote a positive work atmosphere within the Team, have fun and enjoy the assignment!



  • Master (University) Degree in Engineering
  • Minimum 10 years experience in Project Execution with main focus on Modularised Construction
  • Experience in Site Construction, matured also in the BENELUX area 

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