Senior Mechanical Engineer

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  • The Senior Mechanical Engineer is responsible for delivering the engineering output of the mechanical work
  • scope of any type of job, in line with the project’s technical specification, budget and planning.
  • All activities will be performed in accordance with Corporate Management System.
  • Is responsible for engineering activities and delivering the engineering output on time according to the project, HSEQ&RC and corporate requirements.
  • Reports to the Lead (Project) Engineer on progress, set backs and concerns when assigned to a project.
  • Implements the HSEQ&RC requirements and to assist the Lead (Project) Engineer in related meetings.
  • Replies to InterDiscipline checks on time.
  • Replies to queries from site, client, certifying authority and vendor on time.
  • Assists the Lead (Project) Engineer in obtaining client and third party approval on the project.
  • Signals technical risks and anomalies in projects to the Section Head Engineering.
  • Keeps knowledge and procedures up-to-date on all relevant aspects and shares this within the section.
  • Checks work of colleagues to improve quality.
  • Coaches more junior engineers.
  • On request of the corporate technical authority act as delegate corporate technical authority.
  • Uses and maintains corporate standards.
  • Develops and proposes improvements.
  • If necessary performs activities abroad; on site or with client.
  • If necessary takes on ‘lead engineer’ role.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Over 8 years of relevant experience in, and/or affinity with, mechanical engineering, in particular in the field of mechanical analysis/fine elements/stress engineering
  • English good, verbally as well as in writing.
  • Computer literacy for mechanical calculations, document processing and spreadsheets management and for 2D and 3D CAD.
  • Thorough knowledge of Applied Mechanics.
  • Knowledge and experience in the usage of a Finite Element Analysis program.
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