Senior/Lead Electrical Engineer

Renewable energy
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Within this versatile position of (Senior/Lead) Electrical Engineer, you will work on the construction of new buildings, expansion or renovation of various installations. These are mono or multidisciplinary projects in which you are responsible for your discipline. Depending on your experience and the size of the project, you will supervise one or more engineers.
  • You will work on various projects under the direction of a project leader within a multidisciplinary design team;
  • You will be responsible for the overall design up to and including the specification phase;
  • You may also come into contact with all conceivable activities relating to electrical installations, such as: drawing up consumer lists 
  •   layouts, loop and connection diagrams;
  • Contributing to HAZOP and SIL studies;
  • Assisting suppliers and installers in implementing these systems;
  • You will be assigned a number of engineers depending on the size of the project. You supervise and coach them in their work and 
  •   development;
  • On-site support during commissioning is also a possibility.


  • You have a completed Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Technical Physics or AOT;
  • You have several years of relevant work experience in the process and/or chemical industry;
  • You can work independently in a team environment and have analytical skills;
  • You have relevant work experience with the main current of electrical installations both at low and medium voltage level (high voltage is an advantage);
  • You have good communication and writing skills in both Dutch and English.
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