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Renewable energy
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  • Actively promote a pro-active safety culture and perform analysis to create a learning-from-experience behaviour;
  • Ensure advanced plant designs comprises safety features based on best industrial practice and lessons learnt from the (nuclear) business;
  • Determine P&M design engineering aspects, options and evaluation in contribution to feasibility/optioneering/best available technology studies;
  • Delivery of Conceptual Design and Design Specifications with a focus on P&M expertise area;
  • Delivery of Basic Design packages concerning Core Plant Technology (CPT) concerning P&M systems and equipment;
  • Provide directions and oversight concerning Detailed Design and supplier manufacturing quality processes on request of site or group project managers;
  • Define and maintain Core Plant Technology (CPT) design expertise based on the best (safety) practice and world-class state-of-the-art technology (Design Technology Excellence Centre);
  • Establish, control, and maintain Group Reference Design and safety case standards and requirements;
  • Lead Post Implementation Reviews in the P&M expertise area to establish the feedback loop to Design Authority from a safety/license compliance, operational and asset management perspective.


  • Essential: Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Process Technology, Nuclear or Mechanical Engineering. Any other equivalent in combination with a Professional Engineer (PE) license obtained by accredited examination in associated areas;
  • Preferred: Master’s Degree or PhD from an accredited college or university in Physics, Nuclear Science or Advanced Technology (Chemistry, Process and/or Mechanical);
  • Recognized specialist in expertise area; high, in-depth level of knowledge and problem-solving capabilities;
  • Demonstrable track record in successful design delivery involving conceptual designs and FEED of complex process facilities;
  • Senior experience in plant design;
  • Ability to model and simulate complex stationary and dynamic integrated process systems concerning process and mechanical requirements, and design starting points;
  • The ability to apply concepts and experience to problems or challenges to assist in organizational learning and development;
  • P&M expertise in (nuclear) process industry;
  • Capability to analyse (measurement) data of complex process systems to solve or improve performance and understand (root) cause of events;
  • Driving for Results: Focuses on new and better ways of achieving goals; makes changes that produce a noticeable improvement;
  • Focus on performance: Demands high performance and quality, makes known the consequences of non-performance;
  • Customer Orientation: Understands the customer’s business and needs and works to find an appropriate solution to make a difference, ahead of the competition;
  • Going Beyond the Data: Analytical skills to understand complex issues to see patterns and trends and find solutions;
  • Working Collaboratively: Promotes work collaboratively with Design & Engineering Teams Group-wide.

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