Senior E/I Engineer MOC

Renewable energy
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  • Design, engineering, and construction of experimental research installations with bench-size up to skid-size
  • Electrical and Instrument engineering of experimental installations, resulting in technically correct and viable designs at a competitive price
  • Electrical and Instrument technical design and construction of experimental research installations, with a focus on instrumentation and process control
  • Estimate, plan and control the required hours and costs for a project
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Effective supervision of project realization: coaching of contractors, budget control, compliance with safety procedures
  • Continuously develop new technical options and expand the range of experimental applications
  • Review of work delivered by third parties
  • Responsible for interfacing between research and utility infrastructure
  • Act as a mentor in group for new hires and actively coach, stimulate and correct colleagues
  • Responsible for safety in design and design notes
  • Delivers presentations internally and externally
  • Consultant with respect to design, planning and cost for all STCA research departments and third parties
  • Lead a small design team in an effective and efficient manner
  • Responsible for correctly interpreting the wishes and demands from potential customers, and accountable for the subsequent designs and drawings


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering / Instrument Engineering
  • Knowledge of block diagrams, process instrumentation and instrumental safe guarding
  • National and international standards and specifications
  • Understanding and development of process flow schemes and process design notes
  • Knowledge of experimental research installations
  • Preferably site-specific knowledge
  • Language: Dutch & English: fluent in speaking and writing
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