Security Administrator

Vacancy ID


  • Administrative and partly operational role related to security aspects to apply a clear and concise set of procedures and data management to meet National and International standards.
  • Support the Lead Security/ISPS Engineer and Security Operational
  • Supervisor in the performance of his/her duties towards the legal aspects of ISPS, e.g. reporting, incident investigation, training and exercises
  • Work closely with the security guards.
  • Provide input into the preparation and review of security procedures.
  • Ensuring all activities are carried out in accordance with the Code of Conduct and wider Safety and Security standards.
  • Apply organizational requirements for security aspects.
External factor:
  • Ensure daily administrative operation of the security department: planning, Tenforce data, ACS data
  • Manage the content of the Contractor Portal and Pre-Announcement Portal: review social documents such as Dimona, Limosa and/or A1 and VCA training documents
  • Provide support to apply security procedures
  • Participate in training for security guards and contractor key users and staff coordinators
Internal factor:
  • Collaborate in close communication with Lead Security/ISPS Engineer and Security Operational Supervisor
  • Apply the security principles defined by the Lead Security/ISPS Engineer and Security Operational Supervisor
  • Participate in security exercises and improvement actions


  • Degree qualified and chartered or equivalent in appropriate operational discipline
  • Basic experience in security activities
  • Basic knowledge of social documentation requirements
  • Basic knowledge of VCA requirements
  • Basic experience in security matters
  • Basic knowledge of ISPS
  • Basic knowledge of the national laws
  • Fluent Dutch communication skills
  • Good English communication skills
  • Good team player
  • Good administrative and computer skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong planning and organizing ability
  • Highly motivated, achievement oriented
  • Able to define and prioritize issues and then solve the problems through networking with other team members or external sources
  • High degree of availability for the security organization
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