Projectleader / Outsourcing Officer Maintenance

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  • To optimize costs and service level for the maintenance activities outsourced to contractors according to the site outsourcing strategy.
  • To transfer scope and preferred optimal contractual conditions for outsourced work to contractors in cooperation with procurement.
  • Delivers knowledge of the utilization and interpretation of contracts to the maintenance organization.
  • Responsible for the optimal outsourcing of maintenance work within the overall maintenance and procurement strategy, matching contract type and conditions to the quality of front end loading, scope and available resources for guidance and control and taking into account the optimum conditions to ensure the required SHE performance. Delivers support during the execution of said work.
  • Responsible for the delivery of cost improvements together with procurement and main contractors on outsourced work. Both on individual jobs and on the total costs of services.
  • As the Projectleader Maintenance / Outsourcing Officer you are responsible for uniform deployment of the outsourcing policy of maintenance over the plants.
  • Responsible for creating synergy for outsourced maintenance work across the different plants. Combine and coordinate service needs.
  • Agree prices for outsourced jobs within the agreed frame work contracts
  • Responsible for the handling and negotiating of scope changes from outsourced work.
  • Support procurement during the negotiation of the commercial parts of contracts.
  • Defines and organizes audits to measure the performance of contractors and advises according the outcome.
  • Responsible for the optimal assignment of contractors supervisors for the total maintenance outsourced work based on priorities in work and expertise during the year.
  • As the Projectleader Maintenance / Outsourcing Officer you Deliver support during the execution of outsourced work with respect to contractual interpretation of deviations
  • Responsible for the evaluation of outsourced work and takes action according the findings
  • Substitutes the Manager Maintenance Support in case of absence
  • Responsible for dedicated site tasks related to contractor management and/or SHEMS, such as SHEM (sub)element administrator and member of a contractor coordination team.


  • To be successful in this role as Projectleader Maintenance / Outsourcing Officer you will need to have a Vocational or Bachelor degree preferably towards mechanical, process control or electrical engineering
  • In depth knowledge of maintenance management
  • In depth knowledge of maintenance processes
  • Knowledge of service contracts
  • Sound knowledge of OSM-SHEM regulations
  • You will speak both English and will be able to read Dutch documentation.
  • You are used to work with European service contracts and you know the European way of life.
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