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The mechanical engineering static starts from a request within the client in Antwerp to acquire a static equipment, being completely new, replacement in kind or an upgraded replacement. Typical steps in the work process:  
  • Receive work request for a new (or renewal of a) static equipment (vessels, exchangers (parts)), air fin banks and small appendixes like valves, weld let.
  • Initiation phase:
    • Gather technical documentation
    • Field check (as build)
    • Inventory of necessary improvements or modifications,
    • Definition attention or focus points (reliability, inspection, maintenance, project interaction)
    • MOC
    • Waivers
  • RFQ phase
    • Draft technical specification for RFI/RFQ
    • RFQ inquiry
    • RFQ clarifications
    • RFQ bid tab
    • ATB + PO
  • Expediting of the manufacturing
    • Design phase (kick-off, PIM, ITP, vendor print check, …)
    • Fabrication phase (random inspections, hold points, witnessing, non-conformities,…)
    • Final acceptance (FAT)
    • Site acceptance (MDB)
    • Close out
An additional service is keeping the piping specifications up to date in line with the group specifications, and giving advice on specifications. #LI-LD1


Skills / Competenties:
  • Safety awareness
  • Highly motivated, achievement oriented and mature.
  • Hands-on pragmatic
  • Team player
  • Willing (and in time) able to work independently
Minimum required knowledge:
  • European directives (PED, Atex)
  • Codes and standards (ASME VIII-1, TEMA, API66, ASME B63.1)
  • Understanding technical documentation (drawings, welding plans, design calculations, PWHT procedures, welding plans, NDT, test procedures,…) or willing to learn how to.
  • Belgian regulations (Vlarem, Steam low KB / MB oct 1991)
Beneficial knowledge
  • NACE standards
  • Refinery damage mechanics (hydrogen service, CUI, Wet H2S,HTHA, environmental cracking, cold safety ,dew point corrosion,…)
  • Refractory
  • Material knowledge
  • Caesar 2
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