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  • To contribute to Europe and Belgium’s ambitions for the Energy Transition, there has foreseen to extend its offshore high voltage grid. The grid shall connect the new Belgian windfarms situated within the “Princess Elisabeth Windfarm zone”.
  • The energy island is a first and an important future-oriented electricity hub where cables from both the 2nd offshore wind zone (Princess Elisabeth Zone) and future interconnectors with other European countries such as the United Kingdom and Denmark will arrive.
  • Build one Offshore artificial island – Princess Elisabeth island
  • The windfarms are to be connect at the 66kV level (= scope windfarm owners)
  • The platforms will be connected to shore by means of three-phase 220kV cables
  • The project currently progresses towards the end of the tender phase for the Princess Elisabeth Island and will soon enter in the Early Works phase, followed by the construction phase. During the Early Works phase, the successful Bidder will start the development of the Island Detailed design and construction engineering, including value-engineering proposals.
  • The Energy Island has been subdivided into three main subpackages, as follows:
    • Dredging, reclamation and rockworks
    • Island Structures
    • Third party engineering
  • During the Early Works phase, for the follow-up and coordination of the engineering activities associated with the Island Dredging, reclamation and rock works.
  • This package is responsible for all dredging activities, different rock works and reclamation on the island to allow a stable asset to accommodate all kind of structures like concrete caissons, electrical submarine cables and electrical modules.
  • Reports to the Island Dredging & Rock Lead.
  • Works in a multidisciplinary teams together with, amongst others, project manager, the Island package manager, lead engineers and engineers, experts, procurements officers, HSE experts, PMO officer, …
  • Supports the development of the MOG2 project during all phases of the island package, specifically focussing on Dredging & Rock Works.
  • As the project engineer you will assist the Island Dredging & Rock Lead and Package Manager during the Early Works phase, for the tasks below:
      • Island dredging, reclamation and rock Basic and Detailed Design
      • Evaluation of alternatives and value engineering proposals
      • Review Design documentation
      • Review Work Method Statement and procurement documentations
      • Identify and coordinate the input data required by the Island Contractor
      • Coordinate interfaces for your scope
      • Coordinate non-conformities and changes for your scope
      • General follow-up of documentation (report, schematics,…) for your scope
      • Navigate the team through the BIM model
      • Will ensure adequate auditing of the technical specification during design, manufacturing, installation and completion to ensure compliance by the contractor.
  • You assist in managing the contract covering design, fabrication and installation
  • You assist in the schedule management, understanding its criticality for the overall project
  • You assist in the risk management as part of an overall project risk management strategy
  • You draw up proposals for technical improvements and for safety enhancements by making a proactive contribution to the feedback process


  • Developing/reviewing dredging/rock installation methodologies
  • Developing/reviewing design reports of scour protection, rubble mound, levelling layers, armour rock, dredging designs
  • Following up physical model tests
  • Experience in a typical design process for dredging/rock installation works
  • Experience on dredging of rock installation vessels is a plus.
  • Education: Civil Engineer (Master);
  • Experience in writing technical specifications and/or technical design reports or method statements;
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills;
  • Working structured, independent and precise;
  • You are a smooth, assertive communicator and a resourceful accountable team player;
  • A quick learner;
  • Highly motivated to be part of an exciting Offshore wind project;
  • Excellent MS Office skills;
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