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  • Project Engineer you are responsible for managing a project portfolio of small to medium sized projects (these projects range from basic to detailed engineering and execution);
  • Managing the overall project management, budgeting & planning, tender strategy and contract evaluation;
  • Managing and successfully completing small  projects according to the planning;
  • Act as partner for the construction team during execution;
  • Managing project execution/quality plan;
  • Managing risk analyses and mitigation plan;
  • Managing project reporting;
  • Coordinating the technical disciplines and the project services disciplines;
  • Facilitating the delivery of information (provided by others);
  • Compiling and following up on change orders;
  • Coordinating change approvals;
  • Determining the impact of the change;
  • Finalising the impact list/assessment;
  • Completing and archiving the change file;
  • Following up on change actions and informing;
  • Initiating final or partial release of systems;
  • ETS;
  • VMP management (handling and recording changes);
  • Support during audits.


  • Master in Engineering, preferably Electrical of Electromechanical;
  • Proven Project Engineering/Management experience and skills;
  • Sound and extensive experience in Engineering (E&I and/or CSA and/or P/M);
  • Experience in the heavy or metallurgic industries;
  • Local Candidate;
  • Speaks fluently Dutch & English.

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