Project Administrator

Construction & Maintenance
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As a Project Administrator, you will:
  • Process and distribute the incoming and outgoing mail of the project.
  • Collect all project documents and upload them in the document management system
  • Complete the outgoing project correspondence.
  • Provide administrative support to the project team and site management team.
  • Register subcontractors with social security, etc
  • Have a general overview of who is present at the construction site, who is arriving and who is leaving the site.
  • Provide facility management of the site containers
  • Monitor that documents are published according to the agreements (including agreements on title, content, layout, assessment and authorization)
  • Responsible for the follow-up of document workflows and ensure that approvals are given within the set period
  • Responsible for maintaining administrative procedures and manuals
  • Responsible for the communication and exchange of documents with the customer, engineering service provider and suppliers via digital platform


  • Work independently and have a great interest in all aspects of your duties.
  • Solution-oriented, highly flexible and stress-resistant person.
  • Punctual, accurate and orderly and you have an analytical result-oriented way of thinking.
  • Have a very good language skills of both Dutch and English
  • Current office packages (Word, Excel, Outlook, ...) 
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