Process & Technology Engineer

Renewable energy
Vacancy ID


  • Ensuring plant designs and as-built configurations meet the client’s design and engineering standards as defined by the Design Authority throughout the entire life cycle of the lifecycle of the assets. These standards consist of (nuclear) safety requirements, local site license and national legislation, qualified systems and best practices;
  • Reporting to the Group Design Authority Manager you will be responsible for supporting the delegated Design Authority on Process Technology (expertise area), including operations technology, process system designs and plant performance analysis;
  • You will provide governance and oversight in design development, project execution, operations and decommissioning of the facilities/assets;
  • Regular travel to various facilities worldwide will be required;
  • Actively promote a pro-active safety culture and perform analysis to create learning from experience behaviour;
  • Ensure advanced plant designs comprise safety features based on best industrial practice and lessons learnt from the (nuclear) business;
  • Support the delegated design authority in the review and approval process of designs concerning the expertise area Process technology by performing design reviews;
  • Providing governance with an oversight concerning detailed design and supplier manufacturing processes on request of site or group project managers;
  • Establish, control, and maintain Group Reference Design and safety case standards and requirements;
  • Group Reference Design includes:
    • Core UF6 enrichment;
    • Critical core UF6 support system requirements;
    • Relevant UF6 de-conversion requirements;
    • All design and safety case requirements in support of UTD activities.
  • Support Post Implementation Reviews in to establish the feedback loop to Design Authority - from a safety/license compliance, operational and asset management perspective.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Process Technology/Engineering/ Operation Technology/Advanced Technology;
  • Additional post-university degree/training in science/engineering relevant to the expertise area (preferred, however not essential);
  • Demonstrable capability to analyse and model complex technical design problems and define advanced design solutions;
  • Ability to model and simulate complex stationery and dynamic integrated process systems with respect to process and mechanical requirements, and design starting points;
  • Proven experience in design and engineering;
  • Recognised experience in expertise area;
  • P&M expertise in the (nuclear) process industry.

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