Process Engineer – District Heating Engineer

Renewable energy
United Kingdom
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  • Client often uses design consultants and design and build contractors for designing our Projects and Plant Changes , however they require steering, guidance and control to assure compliance with  standards and site specific requirements and to ensure correct alignment with specific maintenance and operational requirements.
  • For smaller packages of work, basic and detailed engineering may be performed by process engineers themselves.
  • As the energy sector is rapidly changing towards sustainability there is a shift towards more conceptual engineering of more chemical oriented processes, like for example carbon neutral fuels and heat pumps.
  • As Process Engineer, you will provide technical support to our projects by:
  • The engineer will contribute to Feasibility studies, Basis of Design (BODs) and Basic Design Engineering Packages (BDEPs) and owners engineering (project execution and supervision)  in order to assure all process and equipment aspects are included in the projects. This with the aim to ensure that equipment has the highest quality, can be safely operated and well maintained.
  • The process engineer will engage with other engineering discipline as and where required and will guide contractors to a good project end result.
  • Bringing in your engineering expertise to deliver a safe, technical sound and high quality design for the process,  equipment and building.
  • Including optimum selection, fit-for-purpose specification of the process and equipment and its auxiliary systems.
  • Give input to the Cost Estimate.
  • Take part in negotiations, evaluate bids of contractors and give award recommendations.
  • Ensuring quality assurance and quality control in construction, commissioning and startup phase.
  • Selection and specification of equipment shall be in compliance with international Codes and Standards and with the company standards.
  • Coordinating Engineering activities within the project in the support of the Engineering Manager.
  • Within each project, report to the Engineering Manager of the Project.
  • Motivating, coaching and provide active guidance to colleague engineers, contractor personnel and/or contractor staff.
  • Share knowledge with team members through training, promotion of best practices and provide ongoing expert support.
  • You will report to the Head of Process Engineering, OU Heat Projects.


  • Our successful candidate has a relevant University degree in Chemical Engineering or similar, with a minimum of 3-5 years relevant work experience in the field of Engineering, Procurement and Construction.
  • You have a very good command of English, command of  German, Swedish and/or Dutch is a plus.  
  • Your personal characteristics and competences:
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Structured worker with ability to structure work of others.
  • Self-propelling and a good team player.
  • Experience in international cooperation, culturally sensitive.
  • Experience with databases and spreadsheets is preferable
  • You enjoy working on international, multidisciplinary projects and are willing to travel.

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