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  • We are looking for a Process Engineer (AIPSR facilitator) who will be responsible for the Asset Integrity Process Safety Review (AIPSR) for various onshore and offshore gas production facilities (NL/UK).
  • The AIPSR consist of two parts:
    • Part 1 establishes primarily whether the existing HAZOP reports are of sufficient quality and coverage. Please not that this is not a re-HAZOP but a validation of all available HAZOP studies. This will be done by e.g. spot checks and deep dives. Prior to the review preparations need to be done like setting up of an HAZOP inventory.
    • Part 2 this part of the review looks at several factors known to have high impact on process safety. Your task will be to organize, prepare and document the AIPSR, including closing out of actions and to write a report to document the outcome/findings of the AIPSR review.
  • For the review you will work closely with experienced colleagues from operations and other disciplines. Your predecessor will be available for handover over the review process and able to support you in your first review.
  • Additionally, you will be tasked with maturation of brownfield facilities optimisation projects.
  • Experience in project & modifications maturation in a brownfield offshore environment is required.
  • Actively participate and integrate discipline contributions to squad work supporting modifications, day-to-day operational issues and projects.
  • Ensure compliance with the essential Process Safety Standards and emissions regulations.
  • Ensure design integrity through fit for purpose application of industry standards and guidelines. 
  • Provide high quality process engineering input in various own squad workflows.
  • Provide process engineering support to producing facilities.
  • This includes (but is not limited to) troubleshooting to resolve operational problems and restore or increase production; carrying out surveillance to enhance reliability and keeping production at capacity; finding optimization and debottlenecking opportunities to reduce OPEX.


  • Masters or Bachelors degree,preferably in Chemical Engineering. 
  • Process Engineering knowledge at level, which allows for independent decision making on plant modifications, ensuring safety, operability,and economic design. 
  • Demonstrated experience in participation in engineering reviews - such as HAZOP and IPF/SRS.
  • Proficient in process simulation (e.g. Unisim, Pipesim).
  • Understanding of the wider engineering process. Previous work experience on upstream (brownfield) projects and operated assets is preferable.
  • Proven to substantial years experience in the oil & gas industry.
  • Knowledge of International Engineering guidelines and standards (e.g. API 520 & 521 as well as equipment specific codes) and willingness to get familiar with additional Shell internal standards.
  • Demonstrated experience in HAZOP participation and/or chairing
  • Experienced in chairing and documenting of engineering reviews, stimulate relevant discussions and be able to eliminate irrelevant discussions.
  • Good knowledge of HAZOP procedure.
  • Motivated to accomplish the full AIPSR process from organizing, preparing, executing to deliver a close-out report.
  • Persistent to search/locate all needed documents/information.
  • Attention to detail without losing track on the bigger picture.
  • Motivate colleagues to close-out their actions in a busy and challenging environment
  • Flexible in terms of work location, willing to travel to production locations and offices on aregular basis. Regular (but infrequent) trips to offshore production facilities are an essential dimension of the job.
  • Working Language is English, Dutch is optional
  • Remote working possible, after work-in period a good deal of the work can be done from home
  • Details to be discussed Normal working pattern, flexible options are available Team consists of 25-30, direct interactions with 5 – 10 colleagues RoA applicable.
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