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  • Within our Power Technology International (PTI) department we need a colleague who will enforce our consultancy and engineering team on power system studies & reporting and advise customers.
  • You will be involved in technical recommendations for sales, but most important, you will do the engineering, calculations, simulations and documentation.
  • Within our projects you will discuss technical issues with sales and the other project engineers.
  • You will report to the project manager or end-customer considering progress and technical commitment.
  • You will develop a simulation model, analyze the power system to be studied, analyze the critical issues, and write a report in Dutch or English with a recommendation for the customer.
  • Activities for dimensioning and protection of low-voltage, medium- and high voltage power systems. We work mostly for the industry, data centers and power plants.


  • As a power system consultant with MSc degree Electrical Engineering (or comparable) you preferably should have proven experience and have to be familiar with power system simulation software like PSS/E, PSS®Sincal, DIgSilent PowerFactory, Vision Phase-to-Phase, NETOMAC, PSCAD.
  • It is a plus if you have Phyton knowledge.
  • Protection device coordination studies are performed very often. Most of the time you work independently.
  • Dutch speaking and writing (or close to it) is important since most customers are Dutch and request for reports in Dutch.
  • You must enjoy doing theoretical studies and writing reports on a on professional scientific level.
  • Customer reports and documentation are provided in the Dutch or the English language.
  • The offices are in Zoetermeer and Den Haag, so living in that area is recommended.
  • We are looking for an enthusiastic, positive thinker with professional skill, willing to build the energy systems for tomorrow in collaboration with our engineering teams.
  • To support you on the job, we offer some advance technical trainings.
  • Nevertheless we require at least that you graduated in Electrical Engineering (or comparable).

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