Module Program Manager

Renewable energy
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  • Leading a cross functional team comprising of Engineers, Designers, Logistics, Subcontract, and Construction leads through strategic planning for modularized solutions.
  • During the early phases of the project’s lifecycle the MPM will develop and author the key deliverables which provide the foundation for project execution.
  • These include but are not limited to the Module Strategy, Module Execution Plan, Module Design Summary Table and the Module Basis of Design.
  • The MPM will also have experience in modular transportation, and provide guidance as to the parameters which govern safe and fit for purpose module transportation by sea, road and lifting.
  • Ensuring that a modularization strategy is well defined for project execution.
  • Providing technical guidance for optimized module layout and engineering assumptions.
  • During opportunity planning responsible for managing the module proposal basis and delivering into basic engineering and detail design.
  • Proactive planning on schedule and engineering deliverables to prepare for RFP package to module yards.
  • Accountable for module yard prequalification and fabrication oversight after contract award.
  • The Module Program Manager shall develop and manage the following external interfaces:
  • Engagement with the Naval Architect for Met Ocean Report, Module Design Report and any fatigue analysis requirements.
  • Module Transportation Scopes, including Shipping and Heavy Haul
  • Insurance and Marine Warranty Surveyors Interface and Scopes
  • Accountable to ensure the overall module schedule meets the engineering, material, and fabrication milestones to meet the overall construction schedule in the field.
  • Accountable for vendor engineering documents approval
  • Managing internal and external changes and correctly forecast budget
  • The Module Program Manager will expediate deliverables and hold regular meeting between all the above interfaces and the module management team.
  • Will ensure delivery of defined scope, cost, and quality of the modules and facilitate seamless interface for the job site until mechanical completion
  • Will work with logistics leads to ensure the module envelopes, quantities, and priorities are well defined at the earliest phase of the project and updated as the design progresses.
  • Manage modularization project risk register
  • Demonstrate and lead Safety culture at fabrication yard.
  • Will record the lessons from ongoing projects and implement lessons in next projects.
  • Project close-out and systematic handover for execution during warranty phase.


  • Competencies:
    • Execution experience in modularization design and construction for various size projects
    • Demonstrated experience overseeing small, medium, and large process unit modules and pipe rack modules throughout stages of conceptual planning, detail engineering, fabrication, logistics, heavy lift, and setting at site.
    • Has led a team of modularization and construction professionals.
    • Experience working with engineers and designers during modularization concept and planning
    • Knowledge and interface with modularization yards around fabrication schedule planning.
    • Strong influencing, communication (written and verbal) and facilitative skills, including cross cultures and geographies,
    • Ability to bring teams together to achieve targets and goals
    • Desire to work on challenging opportunities and tasked with varying responsibilities
    • Thorough understanding of modularization related market and industry development
    • Proficient in Project Execution and Risk Management 
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor in engineering, construction management, or business management. 
    • 7-15 years of relevant experience in module and construction execution in the fields of Oil, Gas, Chemicals or Energy industries is required.
    • Led a large team of engineer and design professionals
    • Experience during organizational transformation and strategic improvement   
    • Based within Netherlands 

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