Principal electrical engineer high voltage

Renewable energy
Vacancy ID


  • Performing a wide range of HV/MV/LV Electrical Engineering & Design tasks
  • Good knowledge of HV substations > 132kV
  • Good knowledge of AIS and GIS substations
  • Ensure compliance with specifications, national/international codes IEC/NEN/IEEE/customer requirements/ ATEX
  • Able to perform calculations required for sizing & selection of electrical equipment
  • Good knowledge of relevant power system tools (e.g. ETAP/Power Factory/VISION)
  • Power system studies checking capabilities: LF, SCC & motor starting, as minimum
  • Prepare specification for purchase of electrical equipment and materials (inc. technical bid evaluation and review of Vendor documentation)
  • Provide technical advice to site team /replying TQs & STQs
  • Preparation of complete construction packages
  • Witness FAT and provide technical support to site activities
  • Testing & commissioning, site assistance, desirable


  • Define the discipline scope and/or project proposals, include the required resources
  • Participate in project meetings: kick-off, technical clarifications, design/constructability review, 3D-model review
  • Preparation of man-hour estimations
  • Perform budget control/progress monitoring and deliver within agreed planning
  • Guide, plan and allocate technical work within E-team, in a multi-office environment
  • Responsible for the approval of all discipline deliverables
  • Engineering coordination for multidisciplinary activities
  • Ensure interfaces are covered properly in the electrical design (interdisciplinary/customer/vendors/contractors)
  • Able to handle multiple projects & customers, and liaising priorities with internal/external customers
  • Dutch Speaking (not a must)
  • Fully engage into the new technologies and new expectations of Energy Transition.
  • We expect you to quickly learn new technical concepts around Hydrogen Electrolyzers,
  • Familiar with Scrum and Agile concepts or will be able to adopt these concepts towards project delivery by working in product based teams, engaging directly into the supplier markets for solutions, and working in multi-disciplinary groups that help each other.
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