IT Project Manager

Offshore & Shipbuilding
Vacancy ID


  • Operation and improvement of the IAM lifecycle
  • Monitor and improve Joiner-Leaver-Transfer process,
  • Generate and follow up on ITSM tickets when problems are detected
  • Assist HR and IT teams to analyse and solve problems
  • Improve, setup, test and monitor Approval and Provisioning / Deprovisionina of access rights in SBM IAM System (IdentityNow).
  • Collaborate with business product owners to improve access rights reviews and audits
  • Production and presentation of reports
  • Interaction with a wide range of stakeholders in the context of IAM and Security.
  • Adhere with ICOSIT and Audit access review requirements.


  • Experience and Knowledge of Critical software/applications and systems
  • Familiar with onshore/offshore
  • Experience with Active Directory (AD) management software and systems.
  • Experience with ITSM/ticketing software and systems. Knowledge of IT Security Principles and Controls
  • Experience with a programming or script language is a plus (Powershell, VBA, Python, …)
  • Good communication and stakeholder management skills, interactions with Business, HR, IT Teams, external teams (auditors, editors, integrators, …), end users
  • Team player, able to set the right priorities and work independently well under pressure.
  • Good documentation and presentation skills.
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