Instrumentation and Controls Engineer

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  • As a Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer you will evaluate and comment on discipline engineering work performed both internally and by Contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that work is being executed in accordance with project specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements.
  • You will facilitate effective execution of discipline engineering and design routines that align with the project's goals, objectives, and procedures.
  • Assure accurate and timely communication among the Project Team and other Company functions on discipline engineering activities, progress, and issues.
  • You will need to demonstrate sound communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Facilitate and coordinate discipline engineering technical work products.
  • You will be responsible of the coordination and communication of various issues among the company's and contractor's engineering team that affect the discipline engineering design, safety, and regulatory compliance of the work.
  • Evaluate / comment work performed by the Contractor and sub-contractors to insure that the work is being executed in accordance with project specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements. Includes review of discipline design drawings and documents.
  • Identify and assess deviations to Contract Technical Specifications and regulatory requirements; ensure that such deviations will be processed according to project procedures; maintains Deviation Control Log.
  • Steward discipline engineering queries from the Contractor and sub-contractors as well as technical information requests.
  • Keep Lead Engineer or Engineering Manager informed of discipline engineering progress, deviations, and execution concerns.
  • Participate in discipline engineering reviews at Contractor's and subcontractor's locations.
  • Drive and promote capital efficiency in engineering design.
  • Support internal engineering general interest or Global Practice initiatives as requested by Supervisor.
  • Analyze maintenance records to determine instrument failure rates, availability / reliability calculations, bad actor / failure modes identification, and program effectiveness / cost analysis.
  • Develop and execute process control surveillance programs.
  • Collect and trend process data using company’s multiple process historian database and visualization software tools.
  • Perform process control philosophy and stability reviews coupled with execution of control logic updates and loop tuning.
  • Conduct criticality assessment and develop equipment strategies/maintenance plans for instrumentations and control systems taking into consideration Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment, industry standards, regulatory requirement and manufacturer recommendations.
  • Execute control system life cycle management programs which include control system inventory, obsolescence plans, managing spare parts and upgrade/replacement planning.
  • Support control system maintenance and test planning as required, software upgrades, ESD testing, offline and online testing, and coordination of activities with/without plant shutdowns.
  • Support metering systems maintenance planning including for custody transfer, allocation, regulatory, and leak detection applications.
  • Support planning and coordination of tasks related to control system cyber security.
  • Review systems for compliance with company’s Industrial Control System Requirements (ICSR) to minimize cybersecurity threats.
  • Participate with multi-disciplinary alarm management efforts including alarm rationalization, prioritization, development of state based alarm schemes, and design / modification of alarm systems.
  • Review update and develop instrument and controls technical documentation / drawings including P&IDs, cause and effect, and control narratives.
  • Travel to production affiliate office/facility locations for onsite support or rollout of new global support initiatives.


  • 20+ years’ of closely related professional experience.
  • Bachelor’s or MS degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or related engineering specialty, or equivalent professional experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of discipline design standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria.
  • Able to review, evaluate, and update cause and effect, P&IDs, logic and architecture diagrams and control narratives.
  • Experience in selection, application, and ISA data sheet specification of hardware including pressure/ temperature /level instruments, control valves, shutdown valves, and fire/gas detection.
  • Proficient in data collection and analysis with common database and software data analysis tools such as SAP, Analytics for Excel and Tableau.
  • Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs.
  • Read, write, and speak fluent English, especially as it applies to technical and business communications.


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