Inspection Data Coordinator II

Vacancy ID


Scope of work:

  • Reviews inspection reports for completeness and accuracy and ensures all inspection data is up-to-date.
  • Coordinates filing and organization of inspection data, back-up documentation and other relevant information.
  • Maintains schedule for data collection, entry, cleaning and reporting. Identifies inconsistencies between work practices and written documentation.
  • Follow-up Maintenance-Plans, -Notification,- Workorders for Inspection.
  • Work preparation Inspection Work orders
  • Creation of Purchase Requisites and Service entry sheets.
  • Pressure Relief Valve administration
  • Admin, organization and filing of labor tools
  • Organization NDO’s and external Inspections
  • Follow-up and filing NDO and external Inspection reports
  • Guidance of third parties
  • Field inspections Infrastructure and Risk Based Inspections.


  • Solid IT skills
  • Solid Excel skills
  • Solid Gems skills (SAP)
  • Technical knowledge:
    • Materials
    • Barrels and tanks
    • Coolers
    • Piping
    • Inspection techniques
  • Ability to independently create or review procedures, checklists, jobaids
  • Planning focused
  • Improvement of work processes
  • Selfstarter
  • Problem solver
  • Works accurately and meets deadlines
  • Constructive
  • Clear and thorough communication
  • Transparent
  • No 9-5 mindset

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