Improvement Engineer (Safety)

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  • The Improvement Engineer is active in developing / implementing concepts to improve operating efficiency in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Activities focus on improving the multiple unit operations in the fields of sustainability, (process) safety, compliance, capacity, energy and /or raw material efficiency and reliability. The eligible candidate will be part of the Styrene Monomer Plant (SMP) organization reporting to the Plant Leader.
  • Manufacturing Representative for capital projects and/or MOCs. Responsible the successful implementation of improvements from scope definition to start-up.
  • Project Manager for Go-Do projects.
  • Collect and analyze process data to develop improvement ideas in the plant unit operations in cooperation with production
  • Gain specific knowledge on your area of focus which could be Regulatory Requirements, Process Safety, Sustainability, Asset Health, Process Automation and/or Reactive Chemicals.
  • Gain detailed knowledge of Feedstocks manufacturing technology (Business Critical training)
  • Support organization by picking-up additional roles or tasks as assigned (possible examples: Process Safety Focal Point, ATEX focal point, Reactive Chemical focal point, Critical Instrumentation owner, Root Cause Investigation, BRZO scenario definition)
  • Being part of the plant on-call team.


  • At minimum Bachelor degree (Master preferred) in Chemical Engineering or other relevant education
  • Previous experience in the chemical industry is a benefit
  • Fluency in English is required
  • Fluency in Dutch is preferred
  • Environmental, Health and Safety awareness
  • You can be described as: Proactive, Accountable, Agile, Collaborative, Engaged
  • We are open to both junior as senior candidates
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