Engineering Application Support Specialist

Offshore & Shipbuilding
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  • As Engineering Application Support Specialist, you are responsible for applying discipline knowledge and experience to ensure the efficient technological developments are being utilized to support Engineers and Designers in completing their work efficiently.
  • You are expected to remain at the forefront of technology developments to identify innovative methods to carry out assigned tasks that increase the quality and efficiencies of support applications to meet engineering needs.
  • The Engineering Application Support Specialist partners with Information Technology and application suppliers to ensure the Company infrastructure is fit for purpose and supports required applications.
  • The Engineering Application Support Specialist must prioritize activities and liaise with stakeholders to ensure deliverables
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
    • Performance Feedback from stakeholders
  • Timeline and accuracy in completing tasks:
    • In order to achieve effective interface management:
    • Understand how assigned tasks will affect all stakeholders; provide timely and accurate solutions in support of their requirements in meeting deadlines
    • Identify appropriate stakeholders, proactively provide status updates, highlight concerns as they arise, and prioritize assigned activities to meet key milestones
    • Network with stakeholders to serve as a source of support by producing project deliverables;
    • ensure proactive two-way communication
    • Produce consistent/organized instructions in a well-structured format to convey required information to stakeholders
    • Coordinate the transfer of data, application interface, configuration, etc. with SBM Regional Centers, subcontractors, third party consultants, and vendors
    • Liaise with application vendors/providers to remain current on technology updates and changes
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
    • Demonstrated effective interfaces within and across-disciplines
    • Timely closure of interface issues
    • In order to contribute to the success of managing changes
  • You are to:
    • Understand the change impact to stakeholders and raise awareness of issues timely
    • Respectfully challenge proposed changes that impact the project to ensure the best option is adopted as the way forward
    • Prioritize activities to effectively manage conflicting deadlines to meet key milestones
    • Ensure changes are conveyed through the established channels of communication to minimize the impact to the project
    • Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in implementing changes
    • Ensure Management Of Change (MOC) procedures are used to promote positive impact to the project
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
    • Resolution of design changes within budget and agreed timeline
    • Demonstrated understanding of the change impact
    • To ensure quality and reliability of tools and systems in support of engineering and design
  • You are to:
    • Be self-motivated to improve technical competencies for the assigned work
    • Promote continuous improvement within the Discipline by remaining current on the latest technology developments
    • Apply and capture applicable lessons learned in the execution of activities to enable information sharing, increase project efficiencies, and support/develop best practices
    • Ensure solutions are communicated and documented in a manner that is easily understood by others
    • Ensure solutions are thoroughly tested prior to release for use by stakeholders; avoid cutting corners
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
    • Demonstrated quality of tools and systems developed
    • Cost of Non-Quality


  • 10+ years of industry experience in similar environment.
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