Engineering application support specialist

Offshore & Shipbuilding
Vacancy ID


  • 10+ years of industry experience with (preferably) 5+ years of as P&IDs drafter, and 3+ years of P&ID administration experience (support, configuration, integration and development of Smart P&IDs system)
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience with AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA Diagrams project set-up and administration.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with AVEVA E3D, Marine or PDMS project set-up and Administration
  • Engineering data integration with AVEVA E3D.
  • Engineering data integration with AVEVA Diagrams/P&ID.
  • Engineering data integration with 3rd party engineering solutions.
  • Set-up of Aveva Integration Services
  • Expert in AVEVA programming language (PML) .NET and SQL.


  • Implement the project Specs generated by ERM in the Aveva project, and responsible for mapping the specification item with the catalogue reference.
  • Manage and solve issues related to the delivery of technical information coming from the 1D/2D/3D environments (incl. drawings, MTOs, any weights).
  • Provide administrative and frontline user support by phone, email, Skype or through the company service desk.
  • Prepare project documentation including detailed procedures, standards and work instructions.
  • Work in a Citrix environment and troubleshoot any issues related to Citrix
  • Provide education and training for P&ID drafters and Project Engineers
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